This remarkable clock was designed to reflect and express the mystery and fascination of time. Be it at home or office personal décor. At first glance, the clock gives an impression of refined elegance. Its wooden case, its unique hands and understated hour markers speak of quiet luxury.

However, on closer examination, the mystery of the presentation of time becomes clear. Behind the hands on the inner section of the dial, mysterious colourful lights in sequence appear and disappear, in an entirely random but always very graceful pattern, as if the clock were alive. 

Graceful hues bring the clock to life

You cannot preset nor predict the timing, colour or length of the performance. The clock decides on a random basis, whether the length of the performance is 15, 30 or 75 seconds. The clock has a mind of its own. The effect is as discreet as it is pleasing to the senses; it is as if the clock is marking the flow of time with its own visual language, mysteriously, discreetly and tastefully.

This ‘mystery’ clock was born of Seiko’s desire to create beautiful timepieces with unique emotional values that come from its ‘emotional’ technologies.
Seiko’s advanced clock making and design skills with materials come together to create an object that will bring a deep sense of emotional satisfaction to all those who live with it.

Beauty, and innovation come together in the Mystery Clock


INR 37,500/-