Seiko Emblem.
Your home deserves nothing less

The Seiko Emblem was born in 1989, in Tokyo. The original idea behind the collection was straightforward. A clock for the house should be much more than a way of telling the time; it should be a design choice that adds to the atmosphere and beauty of one’s home. With this inspiration in mind, Seiko’s designers set out to create a collection that combines refined design with the finest in materials.

These clocks were introduced to create beautiful, authentic clocks in-house as true "manufacture" of clocks & watches. It reflects Seiko's dedication since 1892 in manufacturing high-end clocks. Exclusive designs and materials mark these clocks.

Today, Seiko Emblem offers to the international market a collection that comprises clocks for the mantelpiece and the wall, all of which have the essential characteristics of Seiko Emblem in common; unflinching commitment to quality, impeccable taste, restrained design and the very finest materials and finishes.

We bring to you three distinct timepieces that reflect Seiko’s high standards in clock making. Designed and intended, only for the most luxurious of spaces. Grandeur has a new address when a Seiko Emblem Wooden Mantel Clock comes home or office. An 'Online Exclusive' from Seiko India.


Featured here is a mantle or table decorative clock. The quality of the Alder Wood case in a high-grade piano finish is what strikes you first. These are clocks that would grace any living space and add a delicate touch of calm elegance to any room.
And the beauty is more than skin-deep. Built to last, the quality of every Seiko Emblem clock is in every detail. The pendulums have a slow and calm speed of rotation and are decorated with Crystals.

Seiko Emblem Mantle/Table Clock
INR 55,000/-


The Seiko Emblem Wall Clock.

It’s the details, often hidden, that tells the Seiko Emblem story of quality. The case of this wall clock is Oak Wood, with a high-grade piano finish, and its beauty is clear to see. However, what is not evident to the eye is that the cases have a special UV-resistant coating so that even years of direct sunlight will not diminish the rich appearance of the wood. This Piano Finish Wall Clock comes with the best in classic design. It comes with intricate patterns on the dial with gilded second hand, lanced tapering hands and a quiet sweep seconds hand.

Seiko Emblem Wall Clock
INR 33,000/-



This clock with a marble stone case and Crystals is an exquisite mantle or table decorative clock. It is an opulent timekeeper for the most luxurious of spaces - a magnificent addition to your home or your personal desk office space.

This beautifully crafted clock in a timeless design also makes a perfect gift that can be appreciated for years to come.

Seiko Emblem Mantle/Table Clock
INR 42,000/-



Each distinctive clock from the Seiko Emblem collection are made for the discerning consumer to enjoy and treasure the fine art of Seiko's clockmaking expertise.

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