FOR TIME IS A LUXURY… Introducing the Decor Seiko Collection
It sets our course, shapes our fortunes and defines everything we do…
It is the only thing that the whole world has in common. Such is the power of time,
the eternal. A phenomenon so ubiquitous, yet unique, deserves nothing less than
form that spells luxury and inspires awe… for those who treasure all its strokes.
A series of timepieces from the Decor Seiko collection that captures
the captivating gleam of the blue galaxy... Epitomising Japanese craftsmanship
at its finest through a combination of Urushi lacquer along with platinum
and aluminium powder.



₹ 4,50,000 Right from the blue tinge to the glitter
that peppers the body of this timepiece,
this clock from the Decor Seiko collection
expresses the beauty of the blue galaxy
in every detail. Urushi lacquer has been
layered 10 times over for an aesthetic
appeal that’s second to none. The glitter
mirrors stars spread across the galaxy.
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₹ 3,50,000 Imagine a dial, the very definition
of a perfect circle floating against the
backdrop of the vast blue galaxy... a
sight captured to perfection in this fine
clock from the Decor Seiko collection.
The numeral circle is platinum-plated
and the dial in blue is complemented
by a silver glow.
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₹ 6,00,000 Perpetual. That’s the true nature of time…
A trait that went the distance to inspire
the build of this clock from the Decor Seiko
collection. It features a rotating pendulum
complemented by spiral patterns that
epitomise the seamless flow of time
as it caresses everything in its path.
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₹ 4,50,000 Housed in crystal-clear glass that’s held
firm by a sharp and glossy metallic frame,
this clock from the Decor Seiko collection
showcases the beauty of the abstract.
At its heart is a geared skeleton quartz
movement that brings memories of some
of the most classical mechanical clocks.
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₹ 2,20,000 Simplicity, purity and perfection… Qualities
of time that come alive in this magnificent
clock from the Decor Seiko collection. Housed
in pristine glass, the dial feels like it’s been
suspended in the air… much to the amazement
of those who are forever curious about time.
Minimalism comes to the fore in the form of
numerals punctuating the dial which is also
complete with platinum plating.
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