The Touch of Wood to Fine Timekeeping

The warmth and familiarity of wood entice our senses. Wood epitomises beauty and strength, making it a fine element in home interiors. Its enchanting texture and hues are best suited for crafting clocks and other forms of décor for homes. A wooden clock breathes new life into spaces while adding a sense of depth.

A Wide Array to Choose from

Seiko Clocks brings forth a range of wooden clocks – for living rooms, boardrooms and study rooms. Seiko’s wooden clocks, ranging from pendulum clocks, wall clocks to mantel or desk clocks add a touch of grandeur to spaces. Whether you prefer a wall clock that underscores minimalism, an elegant mantel clock or majestic clocks from the Pendulum or the Melodies in Motion collection, you are sure to find the one that resonates with your aesthetic preferences. If you are wondering what is the finest wood for wall clocks, you would be surprised to learn about the number of options. Read on to understand which hue suits your requirement and works for your space.

Alder Wood Clocks

Alder wood has a uniquely red tone which gives Seiko’s wooden clocks an old-world charm. These timepieces are statements of luxury that aim to cast a spell. Alder wood has a subtle texture and uniformity in colour, making it an exquisite choice for the design of wooden clocks. Polishing enhances Alder wood’s natural shade giving it a glossy sheen - further elevating the class of the timepiece. Delicately crafted in Alder wood, these clocks go hand-in-glove with luxurious living rooms, office cabins, meeting rooms or even study rooms at home.

Oak Wood Clocks

The colour of Oak wood varies from light beige to brown and even red but what adds beauty to the texture of Oak wood is the grain. When polished, Oak wood is really smooth to the touch with a distinctive lustre, making these timepieces a luxurious addition to any space. Seiko’s wooden clocks are complete in intricately crafted cases with ornate gold detailing.

Rubber Wood Clocks

Naturally, rubber wood has a light blonde to medium-tan tone with a simpler grain when compared to its counterparts. However, it is often stained to other shades when used to design clocks. Rubber wood is less lustrous in nature which gives these wooden clocks a matte finish. Clocks crafted in rubber wood often have elaborately designed dials while the case is rather simple and elegant. Featured below are musical clocks from the Melodies in Motion collection and a multi-time watch which are all exceptionally unique and innovative in nature.

Styles and Finishes

The rich browns of wooden clocks are complemented by ornate gold and metallic silver finishes of dials, pendulums and other design elements. The shine of these metals against the wooden backdrop makes each of these timepieces a sight to behold.

A piano finish adds an elegant shine to these wooden clocks. High polish (high gloss), which has a near mirror-like finish is often used to add lustre to these timepieces.